Series Yatterman
Time Bokan: Royal Revival
Yatterman 2008
Yatterman Night
Debut "Yatterman's Rolling Out"
Gender Male
Affiliation Doronbo Gang
Yatter Kingdom
Home Present
Voice Junpei Takiguchi

Dokurobei (ドクロベエ Dokurobē) is the elusive boss of the Doronbo Gang in the Yatterman.



He gives orders regarding the location of the Skull Stone to his subordinates in unusual ways, such as through a talking hamburger or the image of a red skull on a TV screen. Even when his leads are revealed to be inaccurate, Dokurobei is always quick to punish the Doronbo Gang when they fail.

Time Bokan: Royal RevivalEdit

He appears at the end of the race that all the various trios took part in and congratulates the Doronbo gang for winning but rewards them with dropping them into a lava pit where they survived by hanging onto a stick.

Yatterman NightEdit

It is later revealed that he is the one posing as the current Yatterman as revenge against humanity for his past failures.


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