Series Time Bokan
Time Bokan: Royal Revival
Yatterman 2008
Debut "Set Off! It's Time Bokan!"
Gender Female
Age 30
Affiliation Time Skeletons
Home Present
Voice Noriko Ohara

Marjo is the villainess leader of the Time Skeletons trio in Time Bokan.


Her character was written after the "vain villainess" stereotype, and accordingly, she often acts and speaks as if she were the most beautiful and intelligent character in the series. Of the trio, she is the most enthusiastic about capturing the "Dynamond", but ends up doing virtually nothing except bossing her two henchmen around.


Time BokanEdit

She works with Glocky and Walther in an attempt to capture the Dynamonds but get defeated by Tanpei and Junko on various occasions and ends up naked through some of those misfortunes.

Time Bokan: Royal RevivalEdit

Time Skeletons Royal Revival

Marjo alonside Glocky and Walther in Time Bokan: Royal Revival

Marjo leads the Time Skeletons in a race against the villain trios from the other Time Bokan series and they get eliminated just as they were about to take out the Doronbo Gang by having their missile deflected back at them.

Yatterman 2008Edit

Marjo meets up with Doronjo and Atasha and take a bubble bath together just before getting ready to participate in a baseball game with various other henchmen from the other series.


  • Her name is derived from the Japanese word "魔女" (majo), which means "witch".



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