"Shutsudo!" - Activation announcement

"Yatter, Yatter, Yatter (number)!"

- Transformation announcement "Power up kanryou!" - Power-up announcement "Saa, Yatter [name], shokan yo!" - Mecha summoning announcement "Yatter, Yatter, Yatter-Oh/Jinbee-Oh/Phant-Oh!" - Combination announcement The Transformation Brace Yatter Changer (Henshin Buresu Yatta Chenja) is the bracelet and tool themed henshin device of the main Yattermen in Omoccha Sentai Yatterman.


To transform, the Yattermen insert their respective Yatter Mecanomoto, strike the Yatterman anime henshin pose and yell "Fix! Yatter~-[number]!". A blast of energy erupts from their totem Yatter mech, forming the Yatter suits.


To summon the Yatter Mecha, the team insert another Yatter Mecanomoto and hit the Mecha button on the brace. The mecha then launch from the team's base, the Yattoy House [Yatter + Toy].


To combine the Yatter Mecha, Gan hits the Robo button on the brace and yells "Omoccha Gattai!" (Toy Combination!). The Mecha then combine, like Yatterwan with Yatterzero, into Yatter-Oh and Jinbee-Oh.

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